All data in this website comes from the Mexican Justice System, in addition the government health agencies track the number of homicides, but that information is updated much less frequently. If you use the data I would appreciate a link back. Some states may be missing from the municipio data because they haven't reported their data, if this happens wait a couple of days to download the data again.

New methodology:
Old methodology (up to 2017):

INEGI data is available from the R package mxmortalitydb and the INEGI website. To create the maps I used the R package mxmaps

This information is constantly updated from the Secretariado Ejecutivo del Sistema Nacional de Seguridad Pública and the INEGI

Source for this website: GitHub

Population data comes from the CONAPO. Monthly population was obtained by linear interpolation

The state and municipio codes come from the INEGI's Catálogo de entidades federativas, municipios y localidades del INEGI

All crimes from all categories at both the state and municipality levels are completely available

Victim data comes from the special SNSP reports