Counties with a crime rate spike or a sharp decrease during June 2024

Detecting municipios with an unusual number of crimes should be the cornerstone of any crime fighting strategy. This charts help monitor crime spikes in each of the more than 2,400 Mexican municipios for selected crimes so that the Mexican government can take prompt action (LOL). Crime spikes are only monitored for the data that was added since the last update (usually the last month), but you can consult historical information from the infographics page. Homicides include feminicides.

Both positive and negative trends are detected and should be obvious from the charts. Some municipalities incorrectly report missing values as zero, or have coding errors. Since it's hard to figure out which values are truly zero or simply missing, and I believe false positives are less costly than false negatives, I didn't adjust for this. This are point-in-time anomalous data points, not the most violent municipalities. Only municipios with more than 10 homicides, 10 car robberies with violence, 10 car robberies without violence and 5 lesions are taken into account.